ethical housing

Due to the complete absence of housing policy, living space in Lithuanian capital is increasingly becoming a luxury good of the rich. It not only leaves people with lower income behind, new housing estates by speculative developers create urban blight areas, which adds no value to the urban life. Skyrocketing real estate prices push the residents out of the city and become one of the driving factors for suburbanisation. Absence of planning documents enforcement and speculative development goes hand in hand driving further city deterioration. We need a swift and innovative approach to solve the housing crisis, which has devastating effects on the quality of the urban environment. 

Our aim is to challenge the status quo and raise the bar of current housing development quality. We intend to create a scalable model of housing development, which would: 

  • Provide living space at an affordable price, 
  • Create a vital and inclusive urban environment. 
  • Work together and embrace local communities, create space for local production, culture, arts, civic initiatives etc. 
  • Use environmentally friendly methods of construction and allow residents to live in a way, that is less damaging to environment 
  • Help planning institutions to implement their strategic goals of sustainable planning